Curing Writers Block

Writing made easy.

Blogging is like a love/hate relationship.

There are time where you feel totally inspired and ideas are flowing like a rushing river but then there are times where you can’t even remember to write your name anymore! Those times when you feel like you’ve written everything and it is as if you’re writing in circles using the same adjectives in every sentence.

You are not alone! This happens to the best of us.

But we have to face our mountains and here’s how:


A persuasive blog post gets the conversation started and creates an appetite for your ideas and products, without you coming across like an overbearing salesman.

Your foundation is critical. Ideas and research are two of the most important factors when setting the foundation for your blog post.  If you can do this process thoroughly, you have most of your post done before even writing it.

Coming up with ideas may be the stumbling block but you have to think about what will go viral?

Be smart about the content you want to put out or the product you want to market. Think internationally!

The best way to know what content will delight your audience is to pinpoint blog posts that have already hit the sweet spot.

Check your analytics and make note of the categories that were most popular.

Get in tune with the desires of your audience. Know what they want!

You may want to tell a compelling story but that’s just it, it’s compelling to you! Get into the heads and the hearts of your audience.  You will be able to tell what your audience is into by blog comments, niche groups, Facebook groups and even twitter searches.

The Michelangelo Technique is a metaphor for the renaissance artist Michelangelo who’s only task was to chisel away at excess material that should eventually turn into his master piece.

Treat your blogs, just like that! You are an artist that chisels away all the unimportant parts to get that exclusive and viral post.

Writing made easy. PHOTO: Brand and Mortar

The goal is to create content of value that should interest your audience and bore them.

Your headline is crucial. In order for people to read your work your headline needs to have a good punch!

Here’s how:
Be specific!

Flirt, don’t give away the best stuff yet! Tease your audience.
Appeal to the senses and emotions of your audience.
Once your headline is sorted, pack the value of the post in the body of the content. It should ideally be in this order:


  • Answer the question, why?
  • Paint a pretty picture.
  • Include a data point.
  • Provide an example.
  • Give an action step.


Always remember to tug on emotions, let your work be easy on the eyes and always let your personality shine!

Try and use voice typing so that you don’t have to physically type every word out, saves you good time.

Whilst there are no solid rules to follow when concluding your blog post, there are tricks to help you close off with a bang!


  • Emphasize the main message.
  • Give readers a reason to react with urgency.
  • Be motivating!
  • End off with a conversation starter.


Even if you think you are a self proclaimed terrible writer, it is possible to create powerhouse blog posts without consuming too much of your time.

So stop doubting and get blogging.


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